The Friends of a Child Foundation started in December 2016 by Founder Jason Evans. This Foundation was born out of the passion and desire for giving back to our country Jamaica in a positive and uplifting way.

Our primary objective is to concentrate all our efforts and resources through volunteerism on improving the lives of our less fortunate Jamaicans.

We are driven by our philosophy "Save a Child, Save Our Country, Save Our Future" and our desire for helping our nation achieving Vision 2030.

Over the years our Directors have partnered with parents during the Christmas season who are unable to provide the much-expected festivity of the yuletide season for their child or children.

This year, we are hoping to continue our mission.


The Mission of the Friends of a Child Foundation is to find and support families with children who are less fortunate to improve their well-being.

Guiding us are our Core Values;

1. Focusing on the critical needs of the children

2. Remaining committed to our Heritage of responsible stewardship

3. Respecting the programs we offer, the members, volunteers and our donors who make them possible.

4. Operating with accountability, Integrity and Transparency.



We believe when you change a child’s life, you change a family, which will change a community and ultimately the world.

In order to do this, we are focusing on three strategic priorities

1. Expand our reach, by both creating and growing existing programs

2. Foster and strengthen our local and global network

3. Mobilize Support - Increase the understanding of the Foundation